About Us

Who are we?

EduSciMat (Pty) Ltd is A 100% Black-owned Company established in 2008 to change and remedy the challenges experienced by the Education system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Africa’s premium leader in the knowledge, and being recognized by our clients, as providers of innovative Maths and Science solutions that add value to their lives.

Our Mission

We endeavor to bring our vision to fruition through our commitment to producing the human capital of the 21ST century that is responsive to labour market opportunities. We also strive to provide products and services that are consistently of a high quality, as well as innovative solutions, throughout the value chain of the education system.

Our Values

Service Reliability: We believe in always having the intention of maintaining a consistent track record of good performance over time. 
Responsiveness: We continuously respond and adapt to the changes in the education system.

Our core business involves the following:

To continuously develop innovative solutions aimed at contributing to the quality of teaching and learning Maths and Science in schools.
Through constant research, innovation and development we tailor-make solutions that respond to the ever changing

Our values systems are driven by:

Ethical Conduct

Chairman's Address

The Ntsu e Ntshu Group of companies welcomes you to one of its most enterprising subsidiaries, EduSciMat. We are truly inspired by the outstanding role that EduSciMat plays in enriching the lives of African children. EduSciMat is creating conducive learning environments for budding professionals in industries where Science and Mathematics are a prerequisite.

The architecture of our county’s future will soon become the responsibility of the young people whose learning EduSciMat has made its mission. The company invests in Maths and Science education in Southern Africa to offer world class facilities where children can touch, feel and interact with Math and Science learning contents, something they would not have had access to due to their circumstances. Through our specialized Maths and Science laboratories, children are offered an opportunity to navigate Maths and Science in new and exciting ways which they have never been able to experience before.
The 21st century has welcomed a new era of innovation, mobile technology as well as improved, instant, and increasingly easier means of communicating with the global community. 
Our solution offers interactive classrooms as well as embedded teacher learning material. Our Maths and Science laboratories use technological tools that enable learners to explore mathematical and scientific concepts with ease. Our out-sourced field expert researchers, and the development department, are constantly improving our solution with the intention to consistently meet the needs of schools,
teachers, and most importantly, the learners. 

We hereby extend an invite you to join us on a journey to positively impact the lives of learners from different spheres of society – from suburbs, townships and to farms - - by giving them a chance to perform better, through creating an extraordinary learning experience. 

As the Executive Chairman and driver of this innovative modern high speed train, I am very pleased to launch it to the market , believing that it will indeed positively influence our country and build a solid foundation on which our future scientist and engineers shall build our country.

Let the journey begin.

Our Methodology

The 5 I’s approach

Our Maths & Science Laboratories infrastructure impact learning and teaching as follows:


Sparks the learners’ curiosity in Math and Science.


(imitate +initiate): Creates, in the learners, the enthusiasm to begin working on their own initiatives and learning from each other.


The learners are encouraged to work on an activity that is not directed by the teacher.


Learners are given the opportunity to engage in a process of sharing, with their peers, ideas, solutions, and answers.


The intended result is an improvement in the learners’ capability, performance and understanding of Mathematics and Science.

Our Products & Services


A Maths Laboratories is a scientific innovation that was designed to revolutionize the pedagogical presentation of Mathematics in all South African classrooms. In improving the quality of schooling and stimulating the passion for Mathematics, Maths Laboratories inculcate a new culture of participation and interaction amongst learners.
For the first time in a Maths Laboratory, public school learners are empowered to think out of the box by using the power of imagination together with critical reasoning as they begin to solve some of the most abstract Maths concepts. All of this takes place in a lively and stimulating learning environment. The model has been tested, and adapted to different learning contexts, and the results have been most
satisfying. Undoubtedly, exposing South African learners to this model empowers them to confidently compete comparably with their international peers. Most importantly, it instills in them in the ability to set high and exceptional career goals in the Actuarial, Medicine, Engineering, and Science professions that are ever-growing, making the opportunities vast.


Our modern and unique Science laboratories are well-equipped with a smartboard, projector, laptop and printer –making our Science Laboratories ICT-enabled learning environments. Science laboratories can be counted among the richest learning experiences learners and educators will have at schools.

They provide learners with the opportunity to practice science much in the way that professionals do.

In our laboratories, learners not only learn how the experiment is done, but they also learn the purpose it serves in real life. This improves the learners’ capability to recall lessons and understand concepts.


The Physical Sciences kit consists of wooden lockable cabinet on a mobile trolley which contains 5 trays namely; Trays 1 and 2 which contain a variety of apparatus.

One tray contains gas glass beakers, gas burners, test tubes, an evaporating dishes, funnels and boiling flasks and the other contains tools to conduct lessons in electricity, magnetism, waves, and sound as well as loose items such as Boyle’s Law apparatus, a force board, diagrams, light kit, 5 large periodic table elements chart, and 5 chemistry learner kits.

The Life Science kit consists of a lockable steel cabinet with 4 trays, covering 4 strands of the curriculum. Loose items are inclusive of; the human torso, DNA molecules, 5 photometer, 5 learner kits and 2 diaphragms.